updated 10- 5 - 2020

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Proposition 14 -  Vote NO!   Proposition 14 would continue funding the deliberate killing of human 
                beings in their earliest stage of development (which we all went through) to secure stem cells for possible  
               benefit to others. Proposition 14 fails on 5 bedrock issues (read about it here). 

E  Supporting A Life Amendment to the Constitution
              A strong case has been made for the necessity of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end America's 
              abortion holocaust (read it here).  As Liberty is so integrally embedded in our Declaration of Independence 
              that slavery cannot be addressed piecemeal by individual jurisdictions or states, so must be Life.  It must be 
             addressed as national policy. As the 13th Amendment was essential to end slavery throughout the United 
             States and its territories, so a Life Amendment is necessary to end abortion throughout our Nation and assure 
             it remains ended.

           An excellent resource of information on a Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is 
           If you are skeptical of the need or plausibility of such amendment, there you will find FAQs and refreshing articles 
           on the need, benefits, and process associated with a Life Amendment. It will present what you can do to advance 
           this noble cause.

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   l  Should Christians vote for pro-abortion candidates?  Read and take The Pro-Life Pledge.
   l  Party Platform Comparison on Abortion    Democrat/Republican    
   l  Voters Guide  Archives for Orange County, California        
l  Primary Elections  2004  2006  2008  2010  2012  2014  2016  2018   2020
  l  General Elections  2004  2006  2008  2010  2012  2014  2016  2018  2020

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o Reduced standards for abortionists, SB 623, passed by party line, signed by Gov. Brown - 2012
o   Reduced standards for abortionists, SB 1338, failed in committee - 201
o  Organ donations and children, AB 2751, cancelled by author - 2010
o  California anti-conscience objection bills withdrawn - 2009
         o  Physician Assisted Suicide bills in California - 2005 through 2007    
o  Proposition 73 - Parental Notification Initiative (Failed)
       o Crucial Life Issues Bills of 2003
o Crucial Life Issues Bills of 2002
o Crucial Life Issues Bills of 2001           
o Crucial Life Issues Bills of 1999-2000

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               o Find My Legislator
  California Legislators - Life Issues Score Cards
l Federal       2015    2016    2017    2018    2019    2020   
l  Senate       2015    2016    2017    2018    2019    2020
Assembly   2015    2016    2017    2018    2019   2020

          Life Issues Score Cards - California State Legislators - Archives
                 l  Relative Ranking Score Card (pdf)   2001  
2002   2003 
                 l  Summary Score Card (pdf)    2001   2002    2003  
                 l  Detailed Score Card (pdf)       2001   2002   2003 
                 l  Vote Scoring Methodology     2003

          California State Legislators Voting Against Abortion Funding - Archives 
  2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006
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l A Guide To Pro-Life Activism   A comprehensive overview of activities that constitute the pro-life 
                movement and where you might find you calling to stop the killing of preborn children.
         l    What Every Candidate For Public Office Needs to Know About Abortion   How a candidate's 
               Oath of Office relates to abortion.

        l Principles of the Pro-Life Cause.  A concise statement of Vision, Mission, Core Values and  
               Beliefs for all pro-lifers.
        l    Pro-Life Literature Distribution In Your Town     Efficient, Economical, Effective
        l    Racing for the Breast Cancer Cure?  Don't be Deceived.    Updated.

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    Californians Against Assisted Suicide
    California ProLife Council
    Campaign for California Families
    Center for Bioethical Reform
    Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer 
    Crusade For Life
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Human Life Action
    Human Life Alliance
    Human Life International
    Life Amendment Coalition
    Life Dynamics
    Life Legal Defense Foundation  
    National Life Chain
    National Right to Life Committee
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