Senators Sam Aanestad, Jim Battin, Jim Brulte, Jeff Denham, Dennis Hollingsworth, Bob Margett, Tom McClintock, Bill Morrow, Rico Oller, Charles Poochigian
Assembly Members  DaveCogdill, Jay La Suer, Bill Maze, Dennis Mountjoy, Tony Strickland


It is with special appreciation that we thank you for your vote in the year 2004 against a state budget, which contains over $130 million for abortion-related funding. While voting against funding for the killing of unborn children should be the innate response of every legislator, many a heart grows faint under political pressure. You are the stout-hearted.

You have made the right decision before God and man.

You have kept your promise, a virtue esteemed.

Camille Giglio, Founder, California Right to Life Committee, Inc.                           
Randy Thomasson, Executive Director, Campaign for California Families             
Beverly Cielnicky, National President, Crusade For Life                                       
Mike Spence, President, California Republican Assembly                                  
Orlean Koehle, President, Eagle Forum of California                                               
John Fugatt, Director of Operations, Christian Coalition of California                 
Royce Dunn, National Director, National Life Chain                                           
Amy Koons, Executive Director, Capitol Resource Institute                   
J.T. Finn, Director, Pro-Life America                                                                  
Licia Nicassio, Office of Respect Life, Archdiocese of Los Angeles                            
Gail Mullennix, Director, Pastor's Information Resource Council                             
Gregg Cunningham, Director, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform                                    
Patricia Riehle, Central Coast Coordinator, American Family Defense Coalition              
Troy Newman, Director, Operation Rescue - West                                               
Anna Madrid, President, Hispanics For Life and Human Rights                                
Carol Melvin, President, California Nurses for Ethical Standards                                
Cheryl Conrad, President, The Survivors                                                                                                                    
Mary Vanis, President, Right to Life League of Southern California